Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

Sports in Zandvoort

Sports in Zandvoort are inextricably linked to the beach and the sea.

Scan the horizon and you will almost always see the kites of the kite surfers making spectacular jumps over the waves. It is a beautiful sight, and you can learn how to do it too! Zandvoort has several water sports centers so you can surf and sail, or learn how.

Looking for even more action? On Circuit Park Zandvoort the race cars burn rubber on the track. But there is much more!

In short: get active and sporty in Zandvoort.

When people think of sports in Zandvoort, many think of racing on the race track. And racing is a vital part of Zandvoort sports. A day at the race track is a must for motor sports fans. You will experience ten different activities, half on the race track and the other half in the dunes or other locations. Can you see yourself in a Formula 1 car or Porsche, tearing down the track? It can also be possible to bring your own car to the track.

You can also choose to go build sand castles, or walk or cycle through the dunes and the natural reserves around Zandvoort with a GPS. There is even a golf course in the dunes for the lovers of the game. Would you like to learn how to play golf? They would love to teach you the principles of this relaxing game.

But also horseback riding, beach volleyball, surf rafting, surf canoeing, swimming in the subtropical swimming paradise, bowling. There are so many ways to get active in Zandvoort.