Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam


Hit the shops in Zandvoort for a fun afternoon in one of the best beach resorts on the coast! The many shopping streets have all kinds of shops, from souvenirs to the latest fashion! Bathing wear, shoe shops or children's boutiques.

Car-free shopping

Throughout the summer, you can enjoy the Haltestraat. From July to September, Haltestraat is car-free from 17:00 to 02:00 and you can enjoy relaxed shopping and drinks.

Zandvoort is best-known for the beach, but it has so much more to offer! How about the many fun shopping streets? The latest fashion, for men, women and children, can be found in the Zandvoort shops! Are you looking for fashionable bathing wear? Look no further than Zandvoort. You can put it on and flaunt it on the beach straight away!

And you can combine a day of shopping in the great shops of Zandvoort with an evening out, for instance in Holland Casino Zandvoort or Circus Zandvoort. The town center of Zandvoort offers a large selection of restaurants to make your day out complete. Greek, Italian or Asian, you can find all types of kitchens in Zandvoort. Or how about dining with a sea view in a fun beach club?

A day of shopping in the great shops of Zandvoort always means a great day out. When you come to Zandvoort for the weekend, why not combine a day at the beach with a stroll past the Zandvoort shops! And if you end the day with an evening in Holland Casino Zandvoort your weekend will be perfect! The Zandvoort Tourist Information has all the information about the shops in Zandvoort