Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

Water sports

Zandvoort is one of the most famous seaside resorts in the Netherlands and the 9 km long beach is its biggest attraction. You can have a great time here for four seasons. On the beach, but of course also on the water. Drifting in the sea, waiting for the right wave or just SUPPING quietly behind the surf. You've never stood on a board before, but would like to give it a try? There are various surf schools scattered around the beach where you can take lessons or rent equipment. In addition, various surf camps are organised in the summer. The calm sound of the waves in the surf makes the beach an ideal place to relax. Yoga classes are regularly organised on the beach. The beach and the water make you feel like you can escape from everyday life, so surf, relax and enjoy the beautiful beach.

Water sports zones

Zandvoort has been designated as a daredevil sports location since 2016.  The location where you can practice extreme beach and water sports, such as kite surfing and wave surfing. But because Zandvoort is also one of the most famous and popular seaside resorts in the Netherlands, it can be crowded with bathers in the summer. To make sure that everyone can go to the beach safely, zones have been created for fast water sports and zones for swimmers. During the summer months, from 15 April to 1 October, water sports enthusiasts must stay within these 'black' zones. From 1 October to 15 April, water sports enthusiasts can enjoy the sea everywhere.

Use the water sports zones for sailing and landing, but once at sea, you must also keep to the zoning. This expires 150 metres from the waterline, after which you can move freely from north to south Zandvoort. On the map below, the water sport zones in Zandvoort are clearly indicated.

kaart watersportzone


Have you always wanted to surf? To be able to ride high waves and enjoy the power of the sea on a board without a sail? You don't have to travel far for that, because wave surfing is actually possible in the Netherlands. The popularity of wave surfing continues to grow here. Admittedly, the real top days are minimal, but surfing in Zandvoort is well regarded. You can always go here, because there are always waves breaking. Zandvoort is even excellent with an offshore wind. Nice and wide and room for everyone. Especially ideal for Amsterdammers, because the train brings you right to the beach.

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Stand Up Paddle boarding

It looks so relaxed: Stand Up Paddle boarding, also known as SUPing. Standing on a SUP-board, moving yourself through the water with a paddle. No worries on your mind, no pollution in the air, just paddling towards the sun at your leisure. But make no mistake; SUPping requires balance and muscle strength and is a pretty intensive workout. But hey, there are worse places to do your workout.

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Kitesurfing might just be one of the coolest sports on the water and it gives you an enormous kick! Imagine surfing across the water with the wind in your hair. Not to mention the immensely high jumps you can make! Zandvoort's beaches are ideal for letting the wind pull you along and getting your fill of adrenaline. And even if kite surfing is not your thing, you will still be amazed! There are several surf schools where you can learn it yourself.

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Diving in the North Sea is adventurous and unpredictable. The bottom is littered with the most diverse shipwrecks. From VOC ships to warships, cargo ships and yachts. Would you like to learn to dive? Scuba Republic in Zandvoort is the only PADI Divecenter in the Netherlands at the beach. It has all the facilities needed to learn to dive in a safe and fun way and to obtain your PADI diving certificates.

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Red Bull Megaloop

Zandvoort is one of the most famous seaside resorts in the Netherlands and, with a length of 9 kilometres, the beach is its biggest attraction. For four seasons you can have a great time here. On the beach, but certainly also on the water. It's not for nothing that Red Bull organises their biggest kite surfing event in Zandvoort. When the weather is right, they join forces with the Zandvoort water sports centre The Spot to put the best professional kiters to work during Red Bull Megaloop.

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Rules on the beach

A visit to the beach is always good. Whether you come in summer to worship the sun, in spring and autumn to run with the dog or in the winter months to get some fresh air, you are guaranteed a wonderful time. This is not only because of the salty sea air and the freedom of the beach, but also because the beach is kept clean and safe. You can also do your bit by throwing away your rubbish in the designated waste bins. That way, we can all keep the beach clean!

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