Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

SUPpen in Zandvoort

Originally from Hawaii, where lifeguards stood on their boards to keep an eye on beginning surfers. But in the meantime, it has also become quite common in the Netherlands: Stand Up Paddle Boarden, or SUPing. And for SUP lessons Zandvoort is also the place to be! Learn Stand Up Paddling on the waves of the North Sea under the guidance of the best instructors. Are you already an experienced SUPper? At one of the surf schools you can easily rent a SUP-board and a wetsuit. Now nothing stands in your way to SUP the sunset!.

Surfana Zandvoort

What does Surfana do when there are no waves? Suppen of course! They start with the (safety) instructions, after which they go on the water. The first part of the stand up paddle lesson will consist of finding the balance on your board and controlling the board. After that they will teach you how to turn and how to speed up. Depending on the circumstances, a distance will then be covered or an attempt made to surf some waves on the SUP.

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Water sports centre The Spot

By now, stand up paddle boarding is well known in big cities where people fanatically paddle through our beautiful canals. At The Spot in Zandvoort, however, they teach stand up paddle boarding on a completely different level; get to know paddling at sea! The possibilities with stand up paddle boarding are unprecedented. Distance paddling as the ultimate workout, or downwind; cruising with the wind and making use of the waves in your back. Try stand up paddle boarding and fall in love within the first 5 minutes...

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First Wave Surfschool

Stand up paddling also known as Suppen is suitable for everyone, easy to learn and can be done at almost any time. Besides that, it is a complete body & mind workout: balancing and paddling require muscle strength, while gliding over the water provides mental peace. The Sup lesson will consist of a short explanation and a bit of dry training on the beach, so you know a bit about what to expect. Once on the water, we will pay attention to stability, the technique of paddling, steering and agility on the board. In this way you will gain confidence with the sup and you will be able to enjoy yourself.

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Zandvoort is one of the most famous seaside resorts in the Netherlands and, with a length of 9 kilometres, the beach is its biggest attraction. For four seasons you can have a great time here. On the beach, but certainly also on the water. Floating in the sea, waiting for the right wave, or just calmly SUPPING behind the surf. You have never stood on a board before, but would like to give it a try? Spread out over the beach, you can go to various surf schools for lessons or to hire equipment. The serene sound of waves in the surf make the beach the ideal place to unwind.

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