Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

Racing in Zandvoort

The Zandvoort racetrack is one of the official racetracks of the Formula 1 competition calendar. Every year the Dutch Grand Prix is held here, with heroes like Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. How cool would it be to drive a lap on this track yourself! You can feel like a racing driver for one day in Zandvoort, and get into a fast Porsche, Lamborghini or cool Aston Martin during the Bleekemolens Race Planet Race Experience. An unforgettable experience! Are you a real petrol head and can you think of nothing better than racing? Get your official racing license! There are several racing schools at the Zandvoort racetrack that can help you become a racing driver. Do you prefer to drive your own car on the track? Why not come to one of the many Track Days on Circuit Zandvoort.

Racing at Circuit Zandvoort with a group

Dreams come true at the Zandvoort racetrack, because everyone with a category B driving license is allowed to race. No speed cameras, so put the pedal to the metal and tear around the track. The Zandvoort racetrack has a combination of challenging curves and turns. Guts, stamina and a sharp focus are what you need for a fast lap time. Are you looking for a great gift for a friend or colleague? Or do you want to organize an unforgettable bachelor's party or company outing? For groups of 6 or more people, there are special group packages where you can see who is the fastest driver! With the help of instructors and racing drivers you will experience what it feels like to race at Circuit Zandvoort. But once you're in the car, you're on your own. No instructor beside you, you've got the wheel!

Skid course

Right next to the track is the skid control school Slotemakers. Skidding, steering, avoiding obstacles, corrections, spinning on a slippery road but still straightening the car. You'll learn to have total control. Spectacular and very informative! During the BMW Driving Experience you will improve your response times and learn important driving techniques. Suitable for both the experienced and new drivers, these courses will keep you safe on the roads.