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You open the curtains of your hotel room and see the foam on the breaking waves. Far away, a fishing boat sails by. Every time you go and stand at your window, the sea looks different. Book a hotel room in Zandvoort and experience this feeling of peace and freedom. There are several hotels along the coast with stunning views over the sea. With a wonderful day at the beach just a few steps away. Perfect for when you want to escape and have a completely carefree stay in a diverse seaside resort. You'll wake up to the sounds of the gulls and have breakfast with a sea view.

Hotels in Zandvoort

Or would you rather stay at a hotel in the authentic center, close to shops, the casino, the cinema and lively terraces? Here you'll experience the atmosphere of the old fishing village with its charming cottages and streets. Zandvoort is situated between two stunning natural reserves, which brings nature right to your doorstep sometimes. You might see deer stroll by right underneath your balcony. The nature areas are perfect for beautiful walks or bike rides, because the dunes and boulevard of Zandvoort are full of great walking and cycling paths.

Zandvoort has many hotels by the sea, in the town center and in the countryside. Are you looking for a cozy family hotel? Would you rather stay in a hotel with sports and wellness facilities? There are high-end hotels and hotels for those with a limited budget. In Zandvoort, you will always find a hotel that suits you.

Business stay

Are you looking for a hotel in Zandvoort for a business stay? Several hotels have excellent facilities for business meetings. And because everything in Zandvoort is conveniently close together, you'll have plenty of time to spare to enjoy the beach and attractions of Zandvoort with your colleagues.

All hotels regularly offer holiday packages or special offers for a cheaper stay. Do you prefer a more homely accommodation? Why not try an apartment, bungalow or guest house?