Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

Beach club

Call them beach clubs, call them beach pavilions; whichever way, they are the perfect start of a perfect day at the beach in Zandvoort.

The Zandvoort beach clubs are hot! From luxurious lounging with tapas, to eating old fashioned fried fish on a cozy terrace, each beach pavilion has its own charm and atmosphere. There are more than 30 beach clubs on the clothed beach and 5 on the nude beach, so you're spoilt for choice.

Taste Cuba in one of the clubs, with palm trees and delicious mojito's. Feel like you're on safari in another, surrounded by jungle. And have you always wanted to visit Australia? One of the beach pavilions in Zandvoort is themed like the Australian Outback, mixed with the lively feel of Bondi Beach. Here you can eat a real kangaroo steak and enjoy the laid back atmosphere. And these are just a few of the experiences the beach clubs in Zandvoort can offer you!

Are you looking for a unique location for your wedding, company outing or children's party? Many of the Zandvoort beach pavilions offer tailor made programs.

The beach pavilions in Zandvoort are also perfect for business meetings. Several of the beach clubs have meeting rooms with modern facilities. A fun game of football on the beach as energizer for an inspiring meeting by the sea! Zandvoort is also great for combining your business meeting with a company outing.

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