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Cosmico Beach

Discover the magic of Cosmico, where Italian charm goes hand in hand with the beautiful Zandvoort beach. Here, everything is about elegant relaxation and embracing culinary surprises. Whether you are a young adventurer, bon vivant, couple in love or a group of sociable friends, you are always welcome at Cosmico. This place offers a cosy mix of trendy and traditional, specially designed for an unforgettable beach experience.

Cosmico Beach, the cosy beach pavilion, is the hotspot for a relaxed and casual atmosphere at the beach. Be enchanted by the contemporary style, embraced by the beautiful surroundings, and enjoy a unique experience. Sample the delights of shared dining, where you can feast on a variety of original Italian dishes prepared with the finest ingredients. The team is ready to make you feel at home, while you enjoy the breathtaking views of the beach and sea.

In short, at Cosmico Beach you are not just in a place, but living an unforgettable experience. The ideal spot to relax, socialise and fully enjoy beach life. Welcome to Cosmico Beach, where every moment is a new memory in the making.

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  • Seasonal beach club
  • Cash, Pin & Credit card
  • Catering
  • Parties and meetings
  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • Sun bed and/or parasol rental


Boulevard de Favauge 14
2042 TV Zandvoort
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023 583 4670