Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

Parking in Zandvoort

Zandvoort has a large number of locations where you can park. Most of these are paid parking spaces or require a license. Sign posts show you the shortest route to and more information about each parking location. The boulevard, parking de Zuid and the parking garage in the center LDC ('Louis Davids Carre’) offer the most parking spaces. Zandvoort is divided into several parking zones, that each have their own rates.

Electric vehicles

There are several parking spaces with charging points for electric vehicles. Take note: a number of streets are reserved for locals and companies with parking licenses. These areas are marked with signs. Parking here without a license is not allowed. Zandvoort offers several parking spaces for the disabled. Drivers with a valid disabled parking license can park in these spaces free for the first two hours. After the first two hours, the usual rates apply.

Parking on the boulevard

A parking fee applies on and near the boulevard between 10.00 and 20.00. There are ticket machines where you can pay in cash, by card or by phone (via Yellowbrick, ParkLine, ParkMobile and sms&park). You can even pay for a few days in advance. Parking rates at parking meters: Minimal payment: € 0.50 Hourly rate: € 2.50 Half day ticket (5 hours): € 10.30 Day ticket (10 hours): € 13.45

Parking lots

Paid parking is possible on several parking lots and in the town center parking garage In the streets in the town center (near the shops) paid parking applies from 10.00 – 20.00, for a maximum of 2 hours. Summer rates: € 2.50 per hour (minimum of € 0.50). Winter rates: € 0.50 per hour (minimum of € 0.50) (1 November / 28 February).

Zandvoort offers paid parking on different parking lots. Most lots have parking meters, but on a number of lots you have to pay the attendant, for instance at the lots at Circuit Park Zandvoort and the water tower. The Circuit parking is only open on summer days and not available when there is an event at the race track. The Louis Davids Carré (LDC), the covered parking garage, has over 511 places and is situated in the center. The hourly rate is € 2.20 in summer and € 0.50 in winter, but the first 15 minutes are free. In the parking garage, you can park all night (8 PM to 10 AM) for just € 1.-. Accepted means of payment are bills and coins, debit cards and credit cards.


In the Frans Zwaanstraat (between Lijsterstraat and Patrijzenstraat) parking is only allowed with a parking disc that shows the time of arrival. The first two hours are free, after that the fee is € 2.50 per hour.

If you think traffic is going to be busy and it may be difficult to find a parking space, why not come by train? In summer, 4 trains per hour go from Amsterdam Central station, via Haarlem, to Zandvoort. From the station, you'll have your feet in the sand in only 5 minutes.