Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

Parking in Zandvoort

Parking in Zandvoort is possible at a large number of locations. Read all about the possibilities when you visit the beach or village by car. You can read more below.

Paid parking

In Zandvoort the parking spaces are either paid or for permit holders. Parking route signs lead you via the shortest route with more information about the relevant car park. The boulevard, De Zuid car park and the LDC car park in the town centre offer the most parking space. Zandvoort is divided into different parking zones, for which different rates apply. It is possible to park for free until 10:00 in the morning. In the evening you can park for free after 22:00.

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Electric cars

Zandvoort has set up various parking areas with charging posts for electric cars. To charge at a charging station you pay parking fees everywhere in Zandvoort. Please note, the charging spots are intended for charging. When your car is fully charged, you have to find another (paid) parking space so other electric drivers can use the charging post. If you don't remove your car when it is charged, the municipality can impose a fine. If you use a charging station in an area where only permit holders are allowed to park, you will have to find a parking space outside the area after charging if you do not have a valid parking permit.

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Parking with mobile phone

You can park in Zandvoort virtually anywhere with your smartphone. Use the app from Yellowbrick, SMS Parking or Parkmobile. No hassle with change, but simply pay with your phone. And you never pay too much because you pay the actual parking time, per minute and afterwards.

Parking at the boulevard

If you park on or near the boulevard, you will have to pay between 10:00 and 22:00. You buy your parking ticket in advance at one of the parking ticket machines or register using the phone-in parking app. The hourly rate on the street is higher than the hourly rate in a car park or parking garage. Just behind the boulevard, only permit holders can park. So make sure you park at a ticket machine, otherwise you risk a fine of at least €100.

Current parking rates

Car parks and parking lots

If you park in a car park, you pay afterwards for the time you have been parked. The time you have to pay is, just like on the street, between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. The hourly rate is also lower and the daily rate is also cheaper in a car park. On the Watertorenplein and the Circuit car park, there is only a daily charge. Please note that the Circuit car park is not available during events on the circuit. There are two car parks in Zandvoort. In the centre, a 500 metre walk from the beach, is the parking garage Centrum (LDC). The hourly rate in this garage is the same as in the car parks but lower than on the street. Close to the beach is the parking garage Casino, where the hourly rate is higher than on the street. You pay at the ticket machine with coins or your debit card. You can also pay by credit card at the car park De Zuid.

Current parking rates

Parking with a disabled card

For holders of a valid European Disability Parking Card, the usual parking rate applies. This rule applies not only to the general disabled parking spaces, but also to the regular paid parking spaces and the permit holders spaces.

Travelling by train

Are you coming to Zandvoort by car? Then prepare yourself well beforehand where you can park. And beware, in many places in Zandvoort only permit holders can park. Do you think it will be a busy day and parking could be difficult? Take the train! The train runs 6 times an hour from Amsterdam Central and/or Haarlem to Zandvoort station. Then you are within 5 minutes with your feet in the sand! The station is less than 200 meters from the beach. You can also walk straight into the centre of Zandvoort.

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