Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

The train to and from Zandvoort

Zandvoort is, still, the only resort in the Netherlands with a direct train almost to the beach (150 meters) and therefore very easy to reach by train! From Amsterdam central, there are two departures direct to Zandvoort, every hour. In the summer months, there are even four departures an hour from Haarlem central. within just 10 minutes (from Haarlem) or 30 minutes (from Amsterdam), you can be enjoying everything that Zandvoort has to offer!

Since July 9th, 2014, paper train tickets are no longer available. They have been replaced by the public transport chip card. If you do not have a personal chip card, you can purchase a single-use ticket from a vending machines. These are paper tickets with a chip on them, with which you check in at the start of your trip, and check out at the end. You will find special checking posts or gates at all stations.

Single-use chip cards are always full price. They do not allow for discounted travel. The four most popular products (one-way ticket, return ticket, day ticket and the so-called “AnaarBeter” ticket) have a € 1 surcharge to cover additional costs. There is no surcharge for the following ticket types: Railrunner for children, day ticket bicycle, day ticket dog, one-way ICE ticket with supplement, Euregioticket, trains with a supplement on the HSL and tickets to Germany and Belgium.

Single-use chip cards are only available for same-day travel. Only tickets to Germany and Belgium can have a different travel date stamp.

Buying a train ticket

The public transport chip card or “OV-chipkaart” is the ultimate travel pass that most travelers now use. However, train travelers that do not have one can buy a special paper chip card for single use that will allow them to get through the station entrance gates. This ticket can be obtained from the ticket vending machine at the Zandvoort station. The description below gives a step by step illustrated guide to purchasing a single-use travel chip card.

Click here for a step by step and illustrated description how to purchase a single-use travel chip card.