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Privacy Statement

When you book a holiday/activity, order a ticket or fill out a form on the website of Stichting Marketing Zandvoort, comprised of VVV Zandvoort and Zandvoort Marketing, hereafter referred to as Zandvoort Marketing, you want to be sure you can do this safely. You want a guarantee that no one is seeing or stealing your personal information. And you are quite right. Therefore, we are completely committed to keeping your private information private. This privacy statement contains information about the way we handle your personal data and how we comply with the AVG, the Dutch Data Protection Directive.


This privacy statement applies to all services carried out by Zandvoort Marketing for visitors of our websites,,, and, including the internal links to pages on these websites, and for guests booking an accommodation in Zandvoort through Zandvoort Marketing.

Zandvoort Marketing

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Visiting address VVV Zandvoort

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Tel: +31 (0) 23 – 57 37 933

Chamber of Commerce number: 34299993

Why do we process your data?

We process your data to enable your booking or to send you the information or products you requested.

We process your data according to the agreement for intermediary services you have entered into with Zandvoort Marketing.
In the case of a visit to our website,,, and/or, we process your data according to your permission by accepting the cookie statement, subscribing to the newsletter or contact request through one of the contact forms. With your acceptance of this statement you also give Zandvoort Marketing permission to include your data in the newsletter database.  

Which data do we process?

Zandvoort Marketing can process your personal data because you use the services of Zandvoort Marketing, and/or because you have provided these data to Zandvoort Marketing yourself by filling out a contact/request form on the website. Zandvoort Marketing can process the following personal information:

- Your first and last name

- Your address information

- Your telephone number

- Your email address

- Your IP address

Information we share with others

Zandvoort Marketing provides an intermediary service for you when booking an accommodation with your host in Zandvoort. We supply your host with the data necessary to complete your booking. The data enables your host to inform you of the details of your booking and give you a warm welcome in Zandvoort. Your host may also want to keep you informed of special offers in the future by means of a newsletter. Your host will handle your personal data with the same care we do.

Information you provide when signing up for an activity or excursion will be supplied to the provider of the activity to make sure your booking is correct. These data allow the activity provider to inform you of the details of your booking, and to confirm that booking or make a new booking with you. Your host may also want to keep you informed of special offers in the future by means of a newsletter. Your host will handle your personal data with the same care we do.


All employees of Zandvoort Marketing that have access to your information are bound by a strict confidentiality obligation for all personal data they obtain due to that access.


Our systems and programs are secured according to the legal requirements and regulations.

The Zandvoort Marketing website operates with HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure, HTTPS. Any data you enter on our website is encrypted, so outsiders can never see which data is sent. You can recognize this safety protocol by the green lock icon in the URL bar of your browser.  

After you submit your data to us, it is stored in a secure database. This database is located in a high security Dutch data center. We will never pass your information on to any third party for commercial purposes.

Viewing, changing or deleting your data

Do you want to see which personal information we have of you? Do you want to change that information or remove it from our system? Please let us now at

How long do we store your data?

We keep your data for no longer than strictly necessary for the purpose for which they are collected and subsequently processed.

When you subscribe to the newsletter, your information is stored until you cancel your subscription. Every newsletter offers you the opportunity to cancel your subscription.


Do you have questions or remarks about our privacy policy? Please contact us any time. The same goes for any complaints.

Please refer to this privacy statement regularly, as it is subject to change.

Questions or remarks?


Tel: +31 (0) 23 – 57 37 933