Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam


Aside from the beach, the racetrack and the village, Zandvoort has plenty more attractions worth visiting. Did you know there is a walking route past the different sculptures in Zandvoort? Or that Zandvoort has two museums?

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The main attractions are of course the natural areas surrounding Zandvoort. Beautiful areas with unique plant and animal life, where you could spend hours. The dunes are perfect for walking and cycling, and there's a good chance you'll meet some deer on your way. Especially in the dunes of the Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen. An absolute ‘must see’ during your stay in Zandvoort.

Culture in Zandvoort

Culture in Zandvoort also means visiting the museums. Zandvoort is a proud village with a rich history. Have you heard the glorious tales of Zandvoort’s beach? World War Two has left its mark, and the remains can still be visited today. Take for example the bunkers in the dunes and numerous monuments placed in and around Zandvoort. We have laid out a series of routes to guide you into the past.

A visit to the Zandvoort museum and the Beachcomber’s Museum will teach you everything you need to know about Zandvoort’s history.

Racing culture

The name Zandvoort is of course synonymous with motor racing. Racing is very much part of Zandvoort culture. A day on the circuit is an absolute must for motor racing enthusiasts. Try booking a Race Experience that will take you onto the circuit itself. Enjoy ten different activities, half actually on the circuit and the rest in the dunes and at other exciting locations. Can you see yourself yourself sitting in a formula racing car or Porsche, screaming around the track? You can even drive your own car around the circuit.

Wonderful walking tours

Walking is one of the greatest cultural hallmarks of Zandvoort. A number of walking routes are available, for example a guided through through Zandvoort taking in the neighbourhood known as the ‘Sloppies’. The arrangement will take you through the quiet streets and ancients alleyways of Zandvoort while the guide tells amusing anecdotes. The route also takes in the Zandvoort Museum and the Beachcomber’s museum. The tour concludes with a delicious cup of coffee or tea and cakes, all for a fixed price. The arrangement is also available without tour guide.