Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

Accessibility of Zandvoort

Zandvoort is easily accessible all year round. Sure, on a particularly warm summer's day the traffic to or from the coast may be heavy. But this doesn't happen very often. The two access roads and the direct train link to Amsterdam make Zandvoort a fantastic place to visit!

Come by train

It makes sense to take a train. Zandvoort is the only beach town with its own train station. It only takes 25 minutes to get to Zandvoort from Amsterdam, and from Haarlem a mere 15 minutes. There's no hassle with parking or busy roads. And the station is only 200 meters from the beach, so you'll have your feet in the sand in only 5 minutes!

By bus

Do you prefer the bus? Two regional bus lines service Zandvoort. From Haarlem Central station, bus 81 takes you to Zandvoort in around 30 minutes, and bus 80 from Amsterdam, stop Marnixstraat, gets you to Zandvoort in less than an hour. The international Flixbus connects Zandvoort, via Haarlem, to for instance the German cities of Osnabruck and Berlin. This line doesn't run every day, but is specially tailored to the tourist season.

By bike

And even the bicycle is a good way to get to Zandvoort. There's a great network of nice wide bicycle paths, that also lead to Zandvoort's beautiful cycling routes.

By car

If you do decide to come to Zandvoort by car, there are two access roads. The N201 through Haarlem Zuid, Heemstede and Aerdenhout where you can spot fallow deer before you even get to Zandvoort. And the Zeeweg through Haarlem, Overveen and Bloemendaal that takes you into Zandvoort through the beautiful dunes and along the sea. There is plenty of room to park.