Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam


Welcome to South Beach

Where a group of world travelers discovered paradise is just around the corner.

We love the natural rhythm of life at the beach. With passion and a vision we are creating an open community. A place where everybody is welcome. With seemingly endless space for a beach village built to inspire and engage. Escape the usual and experience the ease of Paal69.

Where the magic happens

Paal69 is located at Zandvoort’s South Beach, between the Amsterdam dunes and the North Sea. This secluded slice of paradise has the vibe of a tropical island. Locals refer to this magical place as Amsterdam Beach or South Beach.





  • Seasonal beach club
  • Nude beach
  • Cash & Pin
  • Packages
  • Parties and meetings
  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner


Zuidstrand 3
2042 AG Zandvoort
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06 10000030