Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

Beach rules in Zandvoort

To keep the beach livable for everyone, there is a number of rules for the beach in Zandvoort. Where BBQs are allowed, where kite surfers can enter the water, read all about it here. The beach is part of Zandvoort. We keep it safe and clean so you can have a great day at the sea side. But you can help by disposing of your trash in the appropriate waste containers. Together we can keep the beach clean!

Blue flag

Since May 2004 Zandvoort has the Blue Flag. This is an international certification for clean and safe beaches. A number of criteria have to be met in order to get this award. For instance good quality swimming water, good facilities on the beach, the presence of a First Aid station and facilities for those with impaired mobility.


Zandvoort also has the silver award of the ECO XXI certification. This is nationally and internationally recognized as the sustainability qualification for tourist towns. The ECO XXI program maps the state of affairs where sustainability in towns is concerned, and it shows where improvements can be made.

Search and Rescue

The main goal of the Zandvoort Search and Rescue team, the Reddingsbrigade, is 'the prevention of death by drowning'. Search and Rescue also keeps people on the beach and in the water safe during the summer months, and in winter they can be called out for emergencies.

First Aid

On beach days in the summer months, First Aid station 'De Rotonde' is open from 10 AM till 6 PM. The station is centrally located, at beach entrance Badhuisplein between beach clubs 9 and 10. They offer first aid and information about other emergency services. The location is also the reporting location for lost children.

Child safety

A day at the beach is paradise for kids! Playing in the sand, swimming in the sea, and maybe even an ice cream. But make sure you are well prepared. We would like to give you a few tips for a safe day in Zandvoort!

Rip current

The sea is great for swimming, surfing or floating on an air mattress. But the wind and the currents can be treacherous. For instance, between two sandbanks a dangerous current called a rip current can form. Never try to swim against this current, but let it take you with it and then swim gently back to shore. Read all about rip currents