Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

BBQs on the beach

After a nice day at the seaside, light the fire and have a BBQ on the beach with your friends. The perfect way to end the perfect day. And you can in Zandvoort, but only in the specially designated spots. You must have an extinguishing agent at hand and available near the BBQ.

There are a few conditions:

·         All waste must be removed. The beach must be left in the same state it was when you arrived.

·         To avoid bush fires, you must keep a distance of at least 10 meters from the dunes.

·         You must also adhere to the conditions mentioned below .

Conditions for preparing food in public :

1.      You must use a BBQ that is in correct working order, to prevent any waste like ashes or coals from falling on the sand.

2.      Using a BBQ is only allowed under constant adult supervision.

3.      No liquid lighters may be used to light the BBQ.

4.      The BBQ must be positioned an appropriate distance (min. 10 meters) from buildings, property or plants to prevent fire.

5.      The BBQ must be positioned such that it cannot tip or be knocked over.

6.      To minimize inconvenience and fire risks, lighting a BBQ is only allowed during suitable wind directions and speeds; BBQ’s are not allowed in winds of force 5 or higher.

7.      There must always be a means of extinguishing the fire present in the immediate vicinity of the BBQ.

8.      Afterwards, the extinguished ashes and coals must be deposited in the red iron garbage pails. Ashes or coals must never be deposited in normal waste containers and suchlike.