Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

Surfing school Zandvoort

Always wanted to surf? Ride the high waves and enjoy the power of the sea on a board without a sail? Feel the adrenaline of kitesurfing or really get the hang of SUPping? No need to travel to faraway lands, because it's all possible on Zandvoort beach. Zandvoort has many certified surfing schools where you can learn all kinds of water sports or rent equipment

The schools are spread out over the almost 7 kilometer long beach, and each school has its own atmosphere. Most are open from April through September. They are often next to a lively beach club, so you can have a drink or warm up after surfing. Most have all their facilities right on the beach, like lockers, toilets, showers and changing rooms, but also a rental desk for equipment and wetsuits, and storage for your boards.


Children, beginners or experts, there are surfing lessons for everyone! The schools have experienced instructors that can teach you to surf safely and especially how to have fun on your board. There are surfing lessons for experienced surfers too. Do you want to go surfing in Zandvoort with a group of friends? There are fun group activities for an active family or corporate outing or kid’s party! Really cool surf camps are organized for kids in summer.


For the safety of the people on the beach, there are specially designated places on the beach where you can learn to kitesurf. Kitesurfing looks harder than it is, and experts even say it is one of the easiest forms of surfing. But you will need a bit of courage!


Zandvoort is also the place to go for SUP lessons! Read more about stand up paddling on the North Sea waves with the best instructors. Are you an experienced SUPper? The surfing schools rent out SUP boards and wetsuits. Now nothings stands between you and SUPping towards the setting sun!