Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

Fitness at sea 

Come and work out with the best view in the Netherlands!

In the summer of 2015, exercise equipment was installed in the dunes along the Zandvoort boulevard. They offer you the opportunity to get out of the gym and exercise outside in the fresh sea air. There are four devices for you to use for free, together forming a small fitness circuit. Just perfect in combination with a run on the beach or along the boulevard.

Back trainer

Put your feet in the braces and rest your pelvis against the angled support. By tilting your pelvis and slowly straightening back up, you'll exercise your lower back muscles and hamstrings.

Lower abdominals

Lie on the bench on your back and hold on to the handles tightly. By raising your straight legs, you will exercise your lower abs.

Gymnastic bar

By grabbing the handles and pulling yourself up and lowering yourself slowly, you will exercise your biceps and back muscles.

Pull Up

You use the Pull Up for training your biceps, shoulders and back. You hang underneath the device with a straight body, holding on to the handles with straight arms. Pull yourself up and hold that pose for a few seconds to train your biceps and back muscles.