Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

Walking through the dunes

Escape the daily hustle and bustle and enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna in the dunes of Zandvoort is surrounded by two beautiful nature reserves: the Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen and the National Park Zuid-Kennemerland. Here you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna. There are numerous marked hiking trails where you can make your own various trips along wide footpaths and narrow, exciting footpaths. You can also choose to take a guided walk.

Walk through the AWD

To walk through the Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes on your own (without a guide), you need an entrance ticket. This can be bought as a day ticket at the main entrance at Zandvoortselaan 130, among other places. While walking through the dunes of Zandvoort, the chance of coming face to face with a fallow deer is particularly high. In fact, the Waterleidingduinen are home to the largest population of fallow deer in the Netherlands. The nice thing is also that you don't have to take cyclists into account. Like dogs, they are not allowed in the area. Because you don't have to stay on the paths, no walk is the same.

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Guided nature- and bunker walk

Together with our guide, you trek into the vast countryside, where the guide can tell you all about the animals and plants that live in the Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes. You will also visit bunkers from the Second World War. Bear in mind that you will be leaving the paths, so the tour is not suitable for people with walking difficulties and prams. Sturdy footwear, suitable clothing and a torch (it is quite dark in the bunkers) are recommended.

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Game walk in the rutting season

Want a walk with a bit more action? Then visit the Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes in October, the rutting season of the deer in the area. Between 1 and 30 October, you can book special guided game walks, where you will look for belling and fighting deer. Together with our guide, you go to the places where deer gather to watch the mating ritual of burbling, running and fighting with your own eyes. A unique scene!

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Walking through the NPZK

The National Park is free to visit and well worth a walk. Chances are that you will come face to face with a Scottish Highlander, Konik horse or an impressive bison here. This is the only place in the Netherlands where you can bump into wisents in the wild! You can also join a wisent walk or other diverse excursions together with a forest ranger.

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The 'Wisentenpad' in the NPZK

The Wisenten viewpoint is open all year round and the way to it is signposted from the NPZK visitor centre. In the period from 1 September to 1 March, the "Wisentenpad" is also open. The trail runs 4 km through the western part of the wisentengebied and is directly accessible from Zandvoort. During a unique walk over the dune tops of the Kraansvlak in the NPZK, you may suddenly come face to face with a herd of primeval cattle. Wisents, the European relatives of the Bison, are grazing in front of you. What an impressive experience to see those 2-metre-high animals up close. Definitely something you won't forget in a hurry! For the Wisentenroute, follow the yellow route from the entrance at the Noordduinen.

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North dunes

The 'Noordduinen' area near Zandvoort hosts valuable nature and is popular with visitors. The dunes here consist of a varied mosaic of grasslands, pools, some trees, marram grasslands and paths that are frequently used or, on the contrary, have become overgrown. Noordduinen is characterised as a typical 'sea village landscape' with accompanying special natural and cultural-historical value. Several old potato fields can also be found in the Noordduinen. Some have grown dense with thickets but others are still regularly cultivated and are overgrown part of the time with species such as field thistle and evening primrose.

Construction of walking network

The construction of Walking Network South-Kennemerland has started. The first route markings are visible in the area. With over 450 kilometres of routes, this will be the largest regional route network within the Wandelnetwerk Noord-Holland. The routes are signposted in two directions with durable route posts, coloured arrows and selection point numbers. For the new walking network, almost 3,500 choice points and route markers are to be installed. There will also be nine Tourist Transfer Points in the region. These TOPs are striking green-blue information kiosks with regional information and cycling, walking and boating routes in the area. The new walking region also connects to surrounding walking networks. Lovers of long walks can indulge themselves. It is due to open in spring 2023.