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National Park Zuid-Kennemerland

The variation in vegetation is very broad leading to a wealth of flora and fauna. Alongside numerous foxes, deer and rabbits, the Kennemerduinen dunes are home to many species of birds, insects and amphibians. There are also different types of bat who sleep and hibernate in the old bunkers left behind after World War Two. To guarantee a sound natural balance, horses and cattle were released into the area several years ago. Do not be surprised, if when cycling through the area, you suddenly come across a herd of Scottish Highland cattle on the cycle path! You can best leave these animals well alone, and leave them plenty of space. Kraansvlak is an open area of dunes with the remains of a seaside village landscape. There are also playgrounds and the area is grazed by cattle and ponies. European wisent (Europe’s last remaining ancient wild cattle) were also recently reintroduced. To be able to observe these wonderful creatures, a special viewpoint has been built near the lake where the wisent come to drink.

Free entrance

The entrance to this area is free and there are marked routes where you can walk and/or cycle. Dogs are only allowed at the entrance called ´Wurmenveld´ and along the path called the ´Visserspad´.