Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

Bunkers in Zandvoort

World War Two had disastrous consequences for beautiful Zandvoort: following the forced evacuation in 1942, the old village was practically razed to the ground by the occupying forces. Bunkers were built and launching sites laid out for V1 rockets in the dunes.

These works were part of the celebrated Atlantikwall: a line of defense the occupiers believed would protect them against sea-borne assault. This Atlantikwall was built very rapidly by the Germans, and ran from the north-eastern tip of Norway down to the Spanish/French border at Biarritz, a total distance of 2600 km!

After the war, construction was focused on building houses and around this period, luxury flats mushroomed along the coast.

In the fifties, however, recreation once again took off and Zandvoort became the place it is today: an important seaside resort and a great place to live.

Millions of guests partake of the delights of Zandvoort each year.

Today, there are still many bunkers in the dunes, but many of them are now (partially) concealed beneath the sand.

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