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Zandvoort events

Corona update: Following the measure taken by the Cabinet to cancel all events with more than 100 people until 31 March, most public events in Zandvoort will not take place.

Zandvoort is a fun and lively seaside town and has much more to offer than just the beach. All year round there are great events like the famous Sand Sculpture Festival, summer fairs, several (kite) surfing competitions and of course the many races on the Zandvoort track. And how about all the live performances and festivals that the many beach clubs organize during the summer months. Dancing in the sand, listening to a great DJ or live music! Are you looking for the excitement of water sports? The events in Zandvoort are the place to be! Visit the surfing events on the beach and watch breathlessly how the best kite surfers brave the wild waves. And if you want to try out these challenging sports for yourself, there are regular courses in all types of water sports! Our event calendar lists all the events that are planned

Hospitality is in our DNA. Zandvoort also has the ability to adapt to the needs of large crowds. So it is not strange that Zandvoort hosts big, national events. These past years several large events have been organized, and you can not only visit the main venue, but the whole town of Zandvoort joins in with the theme. The New Year's Dive, the oldest in the Netherlands, draws thousands of visitors from around the region, for instance. And there is also Pride at the Beach, a three-day festival that is part of Pride Amsterdam. The Runner's World Zandvoort Circuit Run is an annual event where runners start at the racetrack and follow a course along the beach and through the village. The Historic Grand Prix is a very special event that attracts many lovers of classic racing cars. And as from 2020, one of the greatest motor sports events in the world will return to the Zandvoort racetrack. After an absence of 35 years, an official Formula 1 Grand Prix will once again take place.

So there are events all year round, not just during the busy summer season. Don't want to miss any of these events in Zandvoort? Check frequently!