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Staying the night

Waking up on the coast, the sound of the seagulls, the morning sun shining through a crack in the curtains, the salty sea air in your nose and the sand of the previous day still between your toes. A holiday in Zandvoort is not inferior to a holiday in a far-away destination, so book your stay today!

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You open your curtains in your hotel and see the foam heads on the sea. In the distance, a fishing boat passes by. Every day you stand at the window, the sea looks different. Book a hotel in Zandvoort and experience this feeling of peace and freedom. Here, along the coastline, you will find various hotels with a magnificent view of the sea. You can enjoy a wonderful day at the beach within walking distance. Ideal if you want to get away from it all and want a fully catered stay in a versatile seaside resort. Wake up to the sound of the seagulls and then have breakfast with a view of the sea.

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Camping in Zandvoort guarantees an unforgettable holiday by the sea! You zip open your tent and see the seagulls fly overhead. You can smell the salty sea air and hear the wind rustling through the dune grass. When you go camping in Zandvoort you stay in the beautiful dune area, where the sea is always nearby. A nice walk on the beach or shopping in the charming centre of Zandvoort, you can do anything with a camping holiday in Zandvoort!

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If you want to stay in a unique place during your stay in Zandvoort and enjoy a unique form of hospitality, then a guesthouse is a good choice. You find them in the most special places and you can enjoy the hospitality and good tips of your local host or hostess. Cosy rooms where you feel at home and at out. Do you want to bring your dog, or spend the night in a pet-free guesthouse? There is something for everyone. A guesthouse is actually somewhere between a hotel and a bed & breakfast. More space to move around in and a private bathroom, but still affordable and with a genuine local character.

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Holiday homes

Get a breath of fresh air all year round during a holiday at the coast. In the summer, enjoy the sun on a beach bed or do some active water sports. When the weather is less clement, put on a jumper and go beachcombing; you are guaranteed to find beautiful shells! After such a wonderful day you can walk back to your holiday home in a relaxed mood. In Zandvoort you will find numerous seaside holiday homes. From your terrace you can watch the sun go down into the sea.

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In a holiday flat in Zandvoort you have the absolute freedom to do as you please. The seagulls fly over while you have a cup of coffee and look out over the beautiful sea. Make yourself a delicious breakfast in your flat and then go to the beach relaxed. In Zandvoort many flats are close to the sea, so you can always enjoy the salty sea air. In the evening, you decide what you want to eat and at what time. And if you don't feel like cooking, Zandvoort has several good restaurants and bistros where you can go.

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What makes a B&B in Zandvoort special is the hospitable reception and the personal approach of your host or hostess. The village is not so big and everyone knows each other. You quickly feel at home. Moreover, they can tell you everything about the discovered but also about the hidden places of Zandvoort. Rent a bike or plan a walking route, your host can certainly help you. This makes your stay in a B&B in Zandvoort extra special, because you get to know the seaside resort in a unique way. Moreover, you can relax, because everything is well taken care of!

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Renting an accommodation in Zandvoort offers you the opportunity to leave all the stress behind. Take a nice, long walk on the beach and let the fresh sea breeze blow through your hair. Or get on your bike and explore the surroundings of Zandvoort. From your accommodation, there are several wide cycle paths that lead through the dunes, the nature parks and along the beach.

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Everyone knows that Zandvoort is a wonderful place for a beach holiday. But what else can you do there? And what if the weather is not so good? Answers to these questions and more can be found on our Share your experience-page. Here you will find various local tips that you can share directly with your friends and family. So what are you waiting for? Check the link below and let the holiday fun begin!

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