Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

Experience nature during Zandvoort goes Wild

Zandvoort is mainly known for its wide, 9-kilometre-long beach, where you can stroll in peace and quiet. That the village is surrounded by beautiful nature is less known. And that in this nature a fascinating mating ritual takes place every year is a well kept public secret. During Zandvoort goes Wild we like to teach you all about the rutting season of the deer, take you into nature and make you part of the cultural side of Zandvoort. Completely corona-proof, of course.

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Learn all about our fallow deer

The largest population of fallow deer in the Netherlands lives in the Dunes surrounding Zandvoort. You can see them all year round, but a visit in October is very special. During this rutting season, our guide will gladly take you to places where you can hear the deer 'burl', watch them hunt and (hopefully) see them fight. A beautiful scene that you won't easily forget. Of course he will tell you all about the area and the ritual.

There is a limited number of places, so book your ticket here quickly.

Spot our 'Big 5'

Of course, you already knew that nature in Zandvoort has a lot to offer. But did you also know that you can spot the Big 5 in Zandvoort? Surely Big 5 can only be seen in Africa? Nope: in Zandvoort we have our own Big 5: deer, wisents, Konik horses, foxes and of course the Scottish Highlanders.

Visit the EC Sand Sculpting

The European Championship Sand Sculpting has been associated with Zandvoort for years. This year, too, you can marvel at the magnificent works of art made of sand. From 12 October, 6 of Europe's best 'carvers' will compete with each other to make a detailed sculpture in a week's time. Of course in the theme 'Wild'. The end result is fantastic to see, but the making process is at least as interesting and instructive.

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Take a breath of fresh air

Zandvoort goes Wild mainly revolves around the beautiful Zandvoort nature and the rutting season of the deer in that nature. But it is also the last month that you can visit the seasonal pavilions. So take a lovely walk, get a breath of fresh air and end your day at one of the 35 pavilions with a hot chocolate by the fireplace.

So come to Zandvoort goes Wild and discover the wild undiscovered gems of our beautiful coastal town. Will we see you in October?

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