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Zandvoort goes Wild

In the autumn, the dunes of the Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen are the backdrop to a fantastic spectacle. Between the many bunkers left over from WWII, a couple of hundred fallow deer in the nature reserve go looking for a mate in October. The bucks battle each other to win the hearts of the hinds. Their loud belling, or bellowing, echoes through the dunes while they let the competition know they are there. The stronger and healthier the buck, the more often he will bell. But they aren’t hesitant about getting physical, either. The air is alive with the loud thuds of antler hitting antler, and often the bucks actually draw blood.

To let you witness this unique spectacle, the Zandvoort Tourist Information organizes special belling walks, all through October on Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday at 3.30 PM. During an hour and a half, the guide takes you off the beaten track to see the spectacular mating rituals op close. During the autumn holidays, special kid’s belling walks are organized for the younger naturalists. And of course, you are free to explore the area on your own. In that case, you can also buy your tickets in advance at the Zandvoort Tourist Information. Click here for more information about the belling walks

The themed month ‘Zandvoort goes Wild!’ is supported by a ‘Zandvoort goes Wild!’ website. This website shows the different aspects of the theme ‘Wild’. Lots of attention is paid to the wonderful natural reserves surrounding Zandvoort aan Zee and the recreational possibilities they offer, like cycling and organized walks. There is also a reference to the delicious ‘Wild’ Zandvoort game dishes and ‘Wild’ accommodation packages. In due course the details of the program for ‘Zandvoort goes Wild!’ will be listed here.

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