Zandvoort beachforrunning

5x Running: the best routes 

Sun, sea, beach: running! With nine kilometers of beach, 34km2 of nature in the south and 38km2 of nature in the north, you can run quite a few kilometers in Zandvoort. So whether you want to work on a killer body or just want to run off some extra weight, in Zandvoort you have a great amount of opportunities for a nice, relaxed or even spicy run. We have listed the best routes for you:

Through the village – app. 6,5 km

During this nice tour you will become acquainted with the boulevard and the village in about 6.5 kilometers.

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Beach & Dunes – app. 9 km

A challenging course with a beautiful view. For 9 kilometers you can enjoy the Zandvoort beach and the beautiful surrounding nature. Keep in mind loose sand and rolling dunes.

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Bloemendaal and back – app. 9,5km

A small piece of Bloemendaal aan Zee and a beautiful run through the nature around Zandvoort.

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'Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen' – app. 12,5km

Get acquainted with the beautiful 'Waterleidingduinen' that border the south of Zandvoort. And be prepared for deer, lots of deer.

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To Kraantje Lek and back– app. 14,5km

From Zandvoort via the National Park to Kraantje Lek and back: a beautiful route full of nature.

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