Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

Running: Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen - app. 12,5 km

Please note: you need an admission ticket for the Waterleidingduinen for this route. A day ticket costs 1.50

We start at parking lot De Zuid and walk through the Cort van der Lindenstraat into the Frans Zwaanstraat. On the right you see the Waterleidingduinen and you pass Zwanenmeer. Follow the road along the bend and turn right at the gas station. At the point where the N201 meets the Zandvoortselaan, turn right. You still have the Waterleidingduinen on your right. In the meantime, the first deer must also be visible. After approximately 0.8 kilometers you will come to the entrance of the Waterleidingduinen. Here you can buy an entrance ticket.

Dogs and cyclists are not allowed here, so you can run peacefully on the paved paths. In about 5 kilometers you walk along the Barnaart canal through the water collection area. If you look around just a little, you will see a lot of deer walking and grazing. You can hardly miss them. At the fourth intersection, turn right onto the Duizendmeterweg (thousand meter road), which is (oddly enough) 1,600 meters long. At the end of the road you turn right and immediately left onto the Tilanuspad. After about 1 kilometer on this path, you will arrive on the cycle path that brings you back through the dunes to Zandvoort. So turn right onto the cycle path, otherwise you will arrive in Noordwijk. Run all the way down the path and walk across the game grid into Brederodestraat until you reach the parking area again.

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