Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

On the beach of Zandvoort

Everybody loves the beach! Every year, throngs of people head to the coast to sunbathe, clear their head on a walk, play sports or enjoy themselves in another way on the beach. This obviously makes the beach Zandvoort's greatest attraction.

Let the steady sounds of the sea relax your mind while you are lying on your sun bed on the beach. Experience the ultimate holiday feeling as the sun warms your body. In autumn and winter, the salty sea air blowing through your hair will fill your lungs and clear your head. There's just you, the beach and the sea.

If you want to warm up after your walk along the beach, or cool down with a refreshing drink in summer, there are over 30 quality beach pavilions on the Zandvoort beach for most of the year. Five of these pavilions are open all year round. Reason enough for a visit to Zandvoort. We'll see you at the beach soon!