Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

Beach wheelchairs

If you are reliant on a wheelchair for getting around but still wish to spend a day on the beach at Zandvoort, during the long beach season at Zandvoort, beach wheelchairs are available. These are special models that allow you to visit the Zandvoort beaches and one of the many beach clubs.

We recommend you to reserve at:

Tijn Akersloot
Boulevard Paulus Loot 1B
De Haven van Zandvoort
Boulevard Paulus Loot 9

Boulevard Barnaart 18
Strandpaviljoen Jeroen
Boulevard Barnaart 20*
Club Nautique
Boulevard Barnaart 23

Remember: the wheelchairs do have to be pushed since they are not battery powered. *open from the 1st of April till the 1st of October

Blue Carpet

Since 2018 Zandvoort has its own "blue carpet", which makes it possible for disabled people to visit the beach with their wheelchair. The 75-metre long and 2-metre wide synthetic mat lies at the height of the Thalassa beach pavilion and reaches as far as the tide line.

Fortunately this means that taking a breath of fresh air on the beach or paddling in the sea are activities open to anyone, all year round!