Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

Zandvoort and the surrounding area

There is plenty to do in Zandvoort itself, but the areas around Zandvoort are also worth a visit. If you’re interested in art and culture, a day trip to Amsterdam and Haarlem is easily planned. That is the great advantage of a coastal resort with such a central location and its very own train station. But Zandvoort is also surrounded by beautiful walking trails, an extensive network of cycle paths and Europe's largest playground. Zandvoort is the perfect starting point!

Amsterdam and Haarlem

Zandvoort has a direct train link to Amsterdam. It takes less than 30 minutes to travel from the beach to Amsterdam Central Station, which makes it easy to exchange a day at the beach for a visit to the lively capital. A little bit closer is Haarlem. There is a direct train link, but the city is also within cycling distance. This beautiful old city is ideal for a day of shopping, culture or a dinner in one of the fine restaurants.


And you really don't want to miss the largest spring garden in all of Europe! The flower park is one third of a square kilometer, and is open from the end of March until mid-May. From Zandvoort, it is a 45 minute bicycle ride through the colorful tulip fields to the beautiful Keukenhof.


There are several great playgrounds for children around Zandvoort. The largest one is the Linnaeushof, and it's only 15 minutes by car. This is Europe's largest family playground with 350 different play structures and attractions. A bit smaller and more nostalgic is Playground Groenendaal, close to Heemstede.

Zaanse Schans and Alkmaar

Are you looking for those typical Dutch windmills, barns and museums nearby? There's no better place than the Zaanse Schans. Everything built in the special "Zaanse" wooden architectural style. There is so much to see, taste and do there! Another typically Dutch destination is the cheese market in Alkmaar. Thousands of tourists from all over the world come to Alkmaar to see the cheese market. A whole square filled with cheese and 'cheese carriers', an impressive sight!

The area around Amsterdam has more to offer than you think. The Amsterdam metropolitan area has no less than 17 characteristic locations, a treasure trove of flowers, beaches, dunes, lakes, mills, forts and historic cities and fishing villages. All these attractions are within easy reach of Zandvoort (via Amsterdam) by public transport.