5 x day trips from Zandvoort

Enjoy the sun with your feet in the sand, dine with a sea view and wake up the next morning with the noise of the sea in the background: Zandvoort is a wonderful place for a short 'get-away'. But due to its location, Zandvoort is also the perfect base for a day trip to the area! Because the proximity of cities such as Haarlem, Amsterdam and even Alkmaar make a day trip there very easy. And also the location of Zandvoort between two unique nature reserves can provide a pleasant change on a beach day. We have listed our Top 5 Day trips in the Zandvoort area for you.

1. Walking in the Waterleidingduinen - 5 minutes traveling

The Amsterdam Waterleidingduinen are beautiful. Since no bicycles are allowed, it is an area where you can walk in peace both on the paths and beyond. Guaranteed to meet deer and you might still encounter one of the many bunkers in the area!

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2. Day trip to Amsterdam - 30 minutes traveling

Amsterdam is only half an hour by train from Zandvoort and therefore ideal for a day trip. Visit the many highlights, experience the city and then return to the tranquility by the sea.

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3. Enjoy art in Haarlem - 15 minutes travel

Haarlem, the cultural city of the Amsterdam metropolitan area. Visit one of the many beautiful museums or stroll through the old streets of the city. It is a half an hour by bike or 15 minutes by train.

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4. Cycling through the National Park - 5 minutes travel

National Park Zuid-Kennemerland borders on the North side of Zandvoort and is the area par excellence for a wonderful day trip by bike. Enjoy the unique nature and who knows you might bump into a wisent.

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5. Playtime in Linnaeushof - 15 minutes traveling

In a fifteen minutes drive by car from Zandvoort you'll arrive at the largest playground in Europe: Linnaeushof. Let the children swing, run, fly and run while enjoying a well-earned cup of coffee.

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