Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

FAQs following the Corona measures

Are you planning a visit to Zandvoort? We've listed the most frequently asked questions for you. 

Update: 25 February 2022

Of course, the general national advice applies:

- Wash your hands often.

- Cough and sneeze on the inside of your elbow.

- Use paper handkerchiefs to blow your nose and then throw it away.

Give each other space. 1.5 metres remains a safe distance.


• Before departing, check the most current state of affairs on the website of the RIVM (General measures in the Netherlands; In Dutch) and the Kennemerland Safety Region (In Dutch).

• For more information about the 1.5-metre society, please visit the website of the Dutch government (in English).

• Visitors to the Netherlands can consult the NBTC website for tips (in English).

Where can I find a test centre in Zandvoort?

The test centre in Zandvoort is located next to Lunchbreek at Haltestraat 59A. Make an appointment here.

Can I still spent my holiday in Zandvoort?

Yes, there is no travel ban within the Netherlands. 

Look here for the different accommodation options

German guests can consult the website of the German Embassy in The Hague for information about travelling to the Netherlands from Germany 

Can I still go on a daytrip to Zandvoort?

Yes, there is no travel ban within the Netherlands.

But in general, avoid crowds and give each other space. Keep an eye on the news before you travel to Zandvoort. Observe the regulations of the RIVM. Take into account the limited number of open facilities and closed public toilets on site.

Can I still visit the beach and nature around Zandvoort?

Yes, but with due observance of the measures drawn up.

Keep an eye on the news before you travel to Zandvoort and adhere to the RIVM regulations. For the measures during a visit to the parks, check out the most up-to-date information on the websites of National Park Zuid-Kennemerland or the Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes (in Dutch).

Are face masks mandatory in Zandvoort?

It is a legal requirement to wear a mouth mask in the following places:

- In public transport, train, tram, bus and ferry;

- In places around public transport, such as bus stops, platforms and stations;

- At airports and in aeroplanes;

- In professional passenger transport such as coaches and taxis.

Can I still visit the beach clubs and restaurants?

Yes, beach pavilions and other catering establishments are open, Enjoy your meal! The following applies:

- allowed during regular hours

- no corona admission ticket

- permanent seat not compulsory

- 1.5 metre distance not mandatory

- Mask not mandatory

Also, many establishments still offer take-away. You can find all local initiatives during the coronacrisis via the app. All restaurants on the app also deliver to your home or offer the option of take-away. 

Are campsites, hotels and holiday parks in Zandvoort open?

Yes, holiday parks and other recreational areas are open. Hotels are open subject to the general terms and conditions. For specific questions, please contact the relevant accommodation.

Are supermarkets and shops open?

There are no additional corona rules for shopping and contact professions. Follow the advice to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Keeping 1.5 metres distance is not compulsory, but is still a safe distance.  

Are locations, such as (day) attractions, museums and other tourist spots in Zandvoort still open?

Yes, museums, theatres, amusement parks, cinemas and zoos are allowed to open. We advise you to check the website of the location for the latest information.

What is the travel advice for Zandvoort from Germany?

Please check the website of the German Embassy in The Hague for the latest information about travelling to the Netherlands from Germany.

Is Zandvoort accessible by public transport?

Yes, but the Dutch government strongly discourages travelling by public transport.

If there is no other possibility to travel by public transport, please observe the following rules:

• Keep a distance of 1.5 meters from each other, at the station, on the platform, in the train/bus and when boarding and alighting.
• Follow the instructions of the conductor/bus driver.
• Buy a ticket for the bus in advance. You can buy one here.
• Get in at the back of the bus.
• From 1 June, wearing a non-medical mask is compulsory in public transport.

You can buy these for example at Hema, Kruidvat or Etos.
• Plan your trip in advance.

More information about travelling by public transport can be found on this page (in Dutch) or check out the carrier's website.

Train traffic: NS

International train traffic: NS International

Bus service: Connexxion

Other public transport:

Can I still rent a bike?

This differs per provider. Please contact Versteege Wielersport or Behind the Beach Bike Rentals

Can I play sports/ exercise in Zandvoort?

Yes, you can. Everyone is allowed to do sports and exercise outside. So walking, cycling and running are allowed. Sports clubs that offer indoor sports have their own protocols and alternatives for playing sports safely. Please contact the sports club concerned.

Can I still do water sports?

Yes, surfing, kite surfing or other water sports at sea are allowed on your own. If you want to follow a lesson, please take a look at the websites of the various surfing schools. For information about visiting Aqua Mundo, visit the website of Center Parcs Park Zandvoort.

Can I still barbecue on the beach?

Yes, you are allowed to do so at the designated location and in compliance with 1.5 meters and the normal regulations for bbqing on the beach.