Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

Holiday Zandvoort

Go on holiday in Zandvoort and have a great time on the beautiful Dutch coast. During your holiday in Zandvoort, you’ll wake up to a sea view, can ramble for hours through the unique dunes and go on a shopping spree in the town center. A cozy Bed & Breakfast for two, a fun holiday home for the whole family or a comfortable stay in a fine hotel, the Zandvoort Tourist Information can help you arrange your perfect Zandvoort holiday.

Family holiday in Zandvoort

Zandvoort is perfect for all kinds of holidays. There are lots of different holiday homes for a relaxed family holiday in Zandvoort. But did you also know there are several camp sites in Zandvoort? They are wonderful places to go camping in summer, perfect for a holiday close to the beach! Especially with kids, a camping holiday in Zandvoort is unforgettable.

Do you want to stay in a fully catered fine hotel, or rather in a cozy Bed & Breakfast during your short break in Zandvoort? The Zandvoort Tourist Information always has attractive package deals, for stays combined with great activities. This way, you can combine your holiday in Zandvoort with a visit to a beauty salon or sauna, or a fun activity on the beach, like surfing. Or how about a visit to the casino in Circus Zandvoort or Holland Casino Zandvoort? Try your luck during your holiday in Zandvoort!

During school holidays and long weekends too, Zandvoort is a great place to be. There is always something to do in Zandvoort during (school) holidays. So why not come to Zandvoort in the spring school holidays, with Easter, Ascension, in the  May school holidays or over Christmas!