Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

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There is a lot to see and do in Zandvoort. The beautiful surrounding nature and, of course, the beach are a source of hours of entertainment. We give you some tips on what to see and do in Zandvoort. If you want more tips, check out our favourites.

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Visit our beautiful nature

Zandvoort is sandwiched between two beautiful nature reserves that are both open to the public. The Zuid-Kennemerland National Park on the north side and the Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes on the south side ensure that you cannot ignore the nature in Zandvoort. You can walk for hours without running into anyone. You will be surrounded only by the sounds of nature while exploring the rare plants and animals that live there.

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Pass your speed limit

Inextricably linked with Zandvoort is Circuit Zandvoort. A legendary and internationally renowned circuit with a history dating back over 70 years. It still hosts dozens of events every year that thrill tens of thousands of fans. Besides various spectacular national motor sport events, the calendar also includes international highlights such as the Jumbo Racedagen driven by Max Verstappen, the Masters of Formula 3 and, from 2021, Formula 1 will also descend on Circuit Zandvoort. And of course there are various opportunities to race on the circuit yourself.

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'Hang loose' and explore the water

The wide sea has a certain appeal. Not only in summer, but also when the weather is a little less beautiful. Especially to water sports enthusiasts. And that is not surprising. Because what could be more fun than braving the waves on your board, making air-time with your kite or paddling off into the sunset on your sup? Zandvoort is also the place to be for the latest trends in water sports, such as sup foiling, kite foiling and wind foiling.

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Soak up Zandvoort culture

Zandvoort is an artists' village. That the beach and the sea are an inexhaustible source of inspiration is shown by the many galleries and the 2 museums you can find in the village. Besides these galleries and museums, where you can admire art, there are also several sculptures scattered throughout Zandvoort. But apart from art, Zandvoort has other attractions worth visiting with its beach, circuit and village. And also the authentic sloppies, the small streets with fishermen's houses are really worth walking through.

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Shopping and people-watching

The cosy and authentic village of Zandvoort is easy to overlook. For a bit of shopping, there are a few shopping streets where you can go to nice shoe shops, trendy boutiques and trendier clothes shops. For a tasty cappuccino or lunch, settle down on a terrace on the Kerkplein or Raadhuisplein, among others. Besides the big supermarkets, you will also find artisanal shops for cheese, wine, chocolate and tea.

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Zandvoort with children

When you want a day out with the family or get away for a few days, you want everyone to have a good time. There should be something for everyone to do, especially the children. And to make sure you can see the trees in our beautiful forest, we give you our tips for activities with children, nice child-friendly restaurants and cosy accommodation where you can stay with your children.