Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

Top 5 hiking trails

Zandvoort is the starting point for beautiful walks. We selected the most special walking routes for you. Over the beach, through the dunes and the woods. You will encounter all kinds of things along the way. Put on your walking shoes and get going. Have fun!

1. Bunkerroute Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen - 5 km

Adventurous route with high peaks and views

In the Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes, there are many bunkers to be found, about 400. Some are well hidden and are home to bats, others are easy to admire.
They were built by Germany in the Second World War and are part of the Atlantic Wall. This was an enormous defence line from Norway to the Pyrenees, built to prevent an Allied invasion.

Highlights: the bunker village and the beautiful views of the Tonneblink, Appelenberg and Rozenberg peaks.

Starting point: Amsterdamse Waterleidingsduinen, entrance Zandvoortselaan.
Duration: App. 1.5h

2. Wisent trail – 7 km

Walk in Kraansvlak, right through the habitat of the wisents

During this unique walk across the dune tops of Kraansvlak in National Park South-Kennemerland you may, with a bit of luck, come face to face with a herd of primeval cattle. The wisents, also called the European relatives of the bison, are the largest land mammals of Europe! Very impressive animals therefore.

Highlights: Definately the wisents, the varied landscape and the many other animals that live here. Such as Scottish Highlanders, konik horses, fallow deer and rabbits.

Starting point: Entrance Noordduinen.
Duration: app. 2h

Please note! The wisent path is closed during the breeding and calving season, from March to August.

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3. Green route Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen – 6,7 km

Forest and dunes in one walk

This route first goes through a forest area. The smell of coniferous trees meets you. It is just like taking a shower with a delicious pine scent as shower gel. You immediately feel fitter and fresher. Then the landscape changes and you walk through an open dune landscape to the Renbaanveld. Once a horse race track, it is now a beautiful pond. A favourite with many water birds and with a beautiful view!

Highlights: the wonderful aroma of coniferous trees, the wide dunes and the splashing water birds.

Starting point: Amsterdamse Waterleidingsduinen, entrance Zandvoortselaan.

Duration: app. 1.5h

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4. Beachwalk to Noordwijk – 12 km

Over the wide sandy beach and along the beach reserve Noordvoort

Fancy a brisk walk on the beach? Set course for Noordwijk. Highly recommended! On the way you will pass through beach reserve Noordvoort, a quiet stretch of beach between posts 70 and 73. This is a unique resting area on the beach where you have to follow a 3 km long path along the sea ridge. There are three beautiful viewpoints where you can even spot seals.

Highlights:The tranquillity, the sound of the sea, the fresh air and the viewpoints on the sea grass path. Namasté!

Startint point: South beach Zandvoort

Duration: App. 3h

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5. Authentic Zandvoort - 3 km

Stroll through the small streets behind the beach

In the centre of Zandvoort, you can still find many traces of the fishing era. You can have a lovely stroll through the small streets behind the beach, called 'sloppies'. Besides old fishermen's cottages, you will also come across beautiful white and sand-coloured villas. With bay windows, battlements, verandas and names like Land's End, Hendrika and Zeezicht.

After the walk, it is pleasant to linger at one of the many terraces in the village.

Highlights: The smallest fisherman's house in Zandvoort in the Rozenobelstraat, the Gasthuishofje, a hidden gem and the station building which is a national monument.

Starting poinbt: Raadhuisplein

Duration: App. 1H

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