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It's not a lie to say Zandvoort offers variety. Old and new, authentic and modern, nature and racing: Zandvoort has it all. But this also means there are many different events and attractions, which can make it hard to choose. So to help you make the right decisions, here's a few tips.

Top 5 Accommodations

Zandvoort has plenty of places for you to stay. From a bedroom in someone's private house to a brand new holiday park, and from a boutique hotel to an international chain. Each option has its own advantages and charm. We have made a top 5 of accommodations that will make you feel like royalty. Check them out here.

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Top 5 Day Trips

Zandvoort is the number one beach for the metropolitan area. With city of culture Haarlem only 15 minutes away, and capital city Amsterdam just 15 minutes by train, the region is made for day trips. You can visit the best museums, get your culture fix or head out into beautiful nature. In our top 5 we'll tell you about the best day trips.

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Top 5 Shops

Although this fact is not as well known, Zandvoort also has many fun and unique shops that are well worth a visit. Your way back from the beach takes you through the main shopping street, where you'll pass an assortment of shops, each with their own merchandise, from racing memorabilia and gifts to the latest fashion.

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Top 5 Activities with Children

Running, flying kites, digging and swimming on the beach, hiking and exploring in nature, hunting for treasures: there's plenty kids love to do. And in Zandvoort they can do all of these. And much more! Check out our Top 5 Activities with Children

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Top 5 Specialties

Instagram-worthy milkshakes and yogurt shakes with extra toppings, delicious homemade soups, finger-lickingly good cheeses, scrumptious homemade fries (hot sauce optional) and fresh fish with a sea view. Feeling hungry? Read on!

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