Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

Beach season in Zandvoort 2024


Year-round: Tijn Akersloot, Boulevard Paulus Loot 1
Year-round: Nius Beach House, Boulevard Paulus Loot 5
Year-round: De Haven van Zandvoort, Boulevard Paulus Loot 9
Year-round: Thalassa, Boulevard Barnaart 18
Year-round: Club Nautique, Boulevard Barnaart 23 (temporary closed)

Opening beach season in Zandvoort 2024

1 February, the seasonal pavilions are allowed to rebuild, so from mid-February onwards, you can stop by more and more pavilions for a bite to eat and a drink.

Below are the dates when the various beach pavilions plan to reopen their doors:

February 2024

Half february 2024: Havana, Boulevard Paulus Loot 1C

Half february 2024: Mango's Beach Bar, Boulevard de Favauge 15
Half february 2024: Meijer aan Zee, Boulevard de Favauge 16
Half february 2024: Buddha Beach, Boulevard Barnaart 20A
Half february 2024: Rapa Nui, Boulevard Barnaart 27
22 february 2024: Ubuntu, Boulevard Paulus Loot 3
22 february 2024: Plazand, Boulevard de Favauge 17

23 february 2024: Beachclub Tien, Boulevard de Favauge 10

27 February 2024: Hippie Fish, Boulevard Paulus Loot 4

March 2024

1 March 2024: Club Cabo, Boulevard Paulus Loot 1A 

4 March 2024:Far Out, Boulevard Paulus Loot 7 

Beginning March 2024: Ohana, Boulevard Paulus Loot 5A

Beginning March 2024: Tent 6, Boulevard Paulus Loot 6

Beginning March 2024: Noosa, Boulevard de Favauge 13

Beginning March 2024: Cosmico Beach, Boulevard de Favauge 14

Beginning March 2024: Bruut, Boulevard Barnaart 20

Beginning March 2024: Strand 21, Boulevard Barnaart 21

Beginning March 2024: Beachclub Zandvoort, Boulevard Barnaart 26

9 March 2024: The Spot, Boulevard Barnaart 23a

14 March 2024: Kayuca, Boulevard Paulus Loot 2

Mid March 2024: Beachclub Sandy Hill, Boulevard de Favauge 12 

17 March 2024: Bodhi Beach, Zuidstrand

22 March 2024: Laguna Beach Family Club, Boulevard Paulus Loot 8

28 March 2024: Outpost, Zuidstrand

28 March 2024: Paal 69, Zuidstrand

28 March 2024: Manii Beach, Strandafgang Zuiderduin 2

April and May 2024

May 2024:Bernie's Beachclub, Boulevard Barnaart 28

Currently Unknown:

Fosfor, Zuidstrand
Paviljoen Ons, Boulevard de Favauge 11
Kaito Beach, Boulevard Barnaart 24
Sablon Beach, Boulevard Barnaart 25

Please note that you are dependent on good weather for the construction of the pavilions. The above dates are therefore subject to change!

Closing for winter 2024

From 1 November, summer pavilions will be off the beach. Some beach tents will close their doors earlier. The last day they will be open for a bite to eat and a drink:

Fosfor, Zuidstrand 7,  

Outpost, Zuidstrand

Paal 69, Zuidstrand 3,   

Manii Beach, Zuidstrand 2,   

Bodhi Beach, Zuidstrand 1,    

Havana aan Zee, Boulevard Paulus Loot 1C,  

Club Cabo, Boulevard Paulus Loot 1A, 

Kayuka, Boulevard Paulus Loot 2,   

Ubuntu, Boulevard Paulus Loot 3,   

Hippie Fish, Boulevard Paulus Loot 4,  

Ohana Beach, Boulevard Paulus Loot 5a,   

Tent 6, Boulevard Paulus Loot 6,   

Beach Club Far Out, Boulevard Paulus Loot 7,  

Laguna Beach Club, Boulevard Paulus Loot 8,    

Beach Club Tien, Boulevard de Favauge 10,    

Ons Paviljoen, Boulevard de Favauge 11,    

Sandy Hill, Boulevard de Favauge 12,  

Noosa Beach, Boulevard de Favauge 13,    

Cosmico Beach, Boulevard de Favauge 14,   

Mango's Beach Bar, Boulevard de Favauge 15,   

Meijer aan Zee, Boulevard de Favauge 16,   

Plazand, Boulevard de Favauge 17,    

Paviljoen Bruut, Boulevard Barnaart 20,    

Buddha Beach, Boulevard Barnaart 20A,    

Strand 21, Boulevard Barnaart 21,    

The Spot, Boulevard Barnaart 23a,   

Kaito Beach, Boulevard Barnaart 24,   

Sablon, Boulevard Barnaart 25,    

Beach Club Zandvoort, Boulevard Barnaart 26,   

Rapa Nui, Boulevard Barnaart 27,    

Bernie's Beach Club, Boulevard Barnaart 28,