Excursions & tickets

With the circuit, the beach and the dunes around the corner, you will never be bored in Zandvoort. We have listed a few of the best excursions and activities for you

Rent a bike and discover the surrounding area

Are you visiting Zandvoort and do you want to explore the beautiful surroundings? Rent a suitable bike at the Zandvoort Tourist Information and pedal away! We also have several maps with bike routes, of course.

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Driver for one day

It really is great fun, playing around in an Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Porsche, Formula car or one of the many other spectacular toys. The packages are available for everybody. From individual motor sports enthusiasts to large groups, but also for people without a driver's license, in the passenger seat.

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Catch the best waves

Want to try surfing? Book an introductory lesson through the Zandvoort Tourist Information and get a taste of this water sport on the North Sea. Have you already been infected with surfing fever? Then you can of course enroll in an follow-up class to get even better! There are qualified surf instructors for both new and experienced surfers.

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Escape the Escape Room

In Escape Room Zandvoort teams of 2-5 people are “locked up” voluntarily. The clock starts ticking and the team has 60 minutes to “escape”. The mission can only be accomplished by finding the hidden clues, solving the riddles and puzzles and cracking the codes. It’s all about teamwork, ingenuity, and logical thinking. Tension, adrenaline, euphoria ...

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Take a Stand Up Paddle-course

Get to know this trendy new water sport. Standing on a large longboard, with a paddle in your hand, completely relaxed, perfect for when there is not enough wind or waves. But is also a great workout because you are training your legs, abs, back and arms! And after a bit of practice, you can eventually catch a small wave. Or how about just paddling toward the setting sun?

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Learn how to control your car

The Compact Skid Course teaches valuable skills, like the ability to judge risks. You learn how to react correctly and adequately in unexpected situations. For instance, when you have to break hard in the rain, take a curve a bit to fast or have to swerve in the snow. All these actions can end in disaster if you don't know what to do.

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Learn all about the bunkers

In nature reserve the Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen, at the edge of Zandvoort, many bunkers from the Second World War still remain. On the way to these bunkers you will discover the varied landscape of these dunes and the many unique plants and animals. Your private guide will not only tell you all about the huge concrete structures, but also knows where you have the best chance of spotting animals like fallow deer and foxes. The walks can be booked for every date and time desired, provided that a guide is available. Minimum 15 and maximum 25 people per guide. A surcharge or a second guide is added if you are with more than 25 people. Costs € 8.50 p.p. excl. € 1.50 entrance fee for persons of 18 years and older

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Go for a ride on a Segway

A Segway is an electric, self-balancing, 1-person vehicle that you stand on to ride. Several tours are offered, like a Park Tour or aGuided Tour in and around Zandvoort. With the thorough instruction you get beforehand a ride on this environmentally friendly and extremely cool mode of transport is an exciting but safe adventure!

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Rent an electric scooter

Discover the beauty of Zandvoort on an authentic street quad, e-bike or e-scooter. Cruising down the boulevard in style! The 100% electric scooter will monopolize all eyes, completely silent, but with an innovative design that looks like a spectacular motorcycle. And the spectacular Star Bike will make pedaling never be so easy and fun. Its design will not leave anyone indifferent.

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