Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

Escape World Zandvoort

In Escape World Zandvoort teams of 2-5 people are “locked up” voluntarily. The clock starts ticking and the team has 60 minutes to “escape”. The mission can only be accomplished by finding the hidden clues, solving the riddles and puzzles and cracking the codes. It’s all about teamwork, ingenuity, and logical thinking. Tension, adrenaline, euphoria ...

True 'outdoor'-detectives can indulge with the city games 'La Casa de Dinero' and 'From Russia With Love', where you have to solve the mystery by using Augmented Reality, an iPad and various gadgets. Check the website for all information.


  • With a group
  • Packages
  • Fun & Games
  • Indoor
  • Suitable for parties & events
  • Cash, Pin & Credit card


Burgemeester Engelbertsstraat 96
2042 KP Zandvoort
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