Top 5 Year Round Beach clubs

Zandvoort beach is 9 kilometers long and is flanked by more than 30 beach clubs. The majority of these pavilions are demolished after the summer season, in October, to be rebuilt in February. But fortunately not all! We have listed our top 5 year-round beach clubs for you so that you know where you can also enjoy a beautiful view in the winter months after a wonderful walk on the beach.

Tijn Akersloot

Tijn Akersloot since 1965! Especially known for its casual atmosphere, good cuisine and beautiful view. The favorite beach club of locals, surfies and foodies! Because of the many and large windows, sliding doors and wide terraces around the pavilion you have a sea view everywhere. And when the weather permits, they open up the front completely and the restaurant merges seamlessly into outdoor space. If it does get too chilly, the pavilion is closed within two minutes and the big fireplace is lit for you. Food & drinks: at Tijn you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner with a beautiful view of the beach and sea. You are also welcome for coffee and tea or drinks. For groups there is plenty of room to eat and/or have drinks together.

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NIUS Beach House

Easy going on the beach! NIUS beach house is a casual and laidback beach pavilion with cozy corners inside and outside. In autumn and winter you can cozy up inside by the fireplace. When the weather is nice you can sit on a lounge sofa, or under one of the stretch tents or retro parasols outside. Everyone is welcome for an optimal day of chilling, all year round! Food & drinks: enjoy delicious beach food and the famous NIUS wines. You can have breakfast, lunch and dinner or a drink at Nius. Something to celebrate? From group dinner to company drinks. NIUS Beach house loves a party!

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De Haven van Zandvoort

De Haven, a hidden treasure in Zandvoort that is open 365 days a year. De Haven van Zandvoort is versatile Grand café, restaurant and also party and event location! Beautifully situated on the beach, centrally located in the village on the boulevard behind the Holland Casino, De Haven van Zandvoort opens its doors every day at 09.00 am. It is a stopping place for local residents, passers-by and tourists. Food & drinks: De Haven van Zandvoort, is a real all-round restaurant. In the morning it is a wonderful place to start the day with a nice cup of coffee, in the afternoon there is plenty of lunch and for a good dinner 'De Haven' is the place to be!

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Experience Thalassa, a luxurious year-round pavilion on Zandvoort beach. A paradise for lovers of daily fresh fish and a household name in the region. This is what the Molenaar family stands for, for seven generations. Built in the graceful style of 1900, you can taste the authentic Zandvoort atmosphere at Thalassa. Food & drinks: at family-run Thalassa (since 1959) you will enjoy delicious dishes from a renowned kitchen in the atmospheric restaurant. Motto: "fish comes by boat and not by plane", the North Sea is cherished by the chefs of Restaurant Thalassa as purveyor to the court. A plateau fruits de mer, herring fresh from the knife, kibbeling or a well-fried sole, the cooks of Restaurant Thalassa know what to do with it! Groups are also welcome.

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Club Nautique

Club Nautique is a trendy beach pavilion on the northern boulevard in Zandvoort and as a year-round beach pavilion has a great backdrop of sea and beach. Club Nautique is centrally located: close to the race track and within walking distance of the train station and center. Club Nautique has a Mediterranean atmosphere and is known for its surprising and sparkling menu Food and drinks: Enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner in the restaurant or on the terrace! The menu changes with the seasons, so be surprised!

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