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Half Litre Heroes

  • Start: 10 June 2023, 11:00
  • End: 3 September 2023, 17:00

Formula 3 history at Zandvoorts Museum

75 years ago, the first races took place at the Zandvoort Circuit. The Grand Prix was the main event, but it was the new 500 c.c. class that got the crowd on their couches in 1949. The 50,000 spectators saw a super exciting race, thanks to Dutch participation by Lex Beels, who narrowly finished third in a photo finish. The winner was the then unknown Stirling Moss. Immediately it was clear that this was the springboard for new talents. The following year, this Formula 3 became an official international class, at the same time as F1 and F2.

From 9 June to 3 September, the Zandvoorts Museum will pay attention to these Formula 3 racers with the exhibition "Half Litre Heroes". Several Formula 3 racing cars from those years are on display at the museum, including Lex Beels' Cooper and the Dutch-built Larkens. It looks back at the races, the drivers and the cars through photos, film footage and all kinds of objects. Lex Beels' workshop is recreated. Many tall stories will be told and several mysteries that still need solving will be presented, such as: where have the Beels racing cars gone?

No future without a past: after 75 years, the Formula 3 racing class and Circuit Zandvoort are alive and kicking. Many talents including Max Verstappen used the F3 as a springboard to the top. The Zandvoort Museum illustrates the development of the circuit from 1948 to the present through the many spectacular Formula 3 races fought on the Zandvoort tarmac in those years. The differences between the Formula 3 cars of 1948 and those of 2023 are shown.

There is an additional attraction on the weekend of the Historic Grand Prix. That is when the historic 500 c.c. racers are at Zandvoort. They will be in action on the circuit and will come to the Zandvoort Museum during the parade on Saturday evening!

Half Litre Heroes can be seen in the Zandvoorts Museum from 10 June to 3 September

Open: Wednesday to Sunday: 11:00-17:00


  • Exhibition
  • Half Litre Heroes
  • 10 June to 3 September
  • Formula 3
  • Racing
  • Zandvoorts Museum


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