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Formula 1 collection

  • Start: 15 June 2023, 09:00
  • End: 31 December 2023, 18:00

R2 | Limited Zandvoort Collection - Limited editions

Stylish shirts and polo collection for motorsport enthusiasts

The R2 | Limited Zandvoort collection is a unique collaboration between international shirt brand R2 Amsterdam and Vlug menswear Zandvoort. A collaboration born out of a shared passion for circuit Zandvoort, motorsport and quality fashion.

Vlug menswear is located in the centre of Zandvoort and open 7 days a week between 9am and 6pm. The shirts are also available online and are shipped in super cool gift packaging to the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Formula 1 racing shirts

The racing shirts from the collection are instantly recognisable by their unique racing themes. The Formula 1 shirt with circuit Zandvoort design is the shirt that started it all. This has become a basic shirt from the collection and returns every season in a new colour variant. A theme is designed around this. The theme for season 2023 is HISTORY OF RACING.

Formula 1 polo shirt

The racing polo shirts have become a household name among racing fans. Vlug Fashion is already entering Dutch living rooms for the third season with these cool racing shirts. The F1 polo shirts with the well-known Zandvoort circuit print are made of soft piqué cotton quality and always feature the now familiar tachometer press stud. View all variants and receive a free circuit Zandvoort backpack with every order.

Circuit Zandvoort jumper

The collection has now been expanded to include a genuine Circuit Zandvoort jumper collection. The HISTORY OF RACING theme is clearly visible here. The jumpers and hoodies are made of organic cotton and, just like our R2 Amsterdam | Limited Zandvoort collection, have a great fit. If you want something a little different from others, these Zandvoort jumpers might be just the thing for you. Keep an eye on the website to be the first to score the latest models. With every order of our Zandvoort jumper collection, you receive a free Circuit Zandvoort backpack as a gift.


  • R2 Amsterdam & Vlug menswear Zandvoort
  • Available online
  • Formula 1 collection
  • Shipping in NL, BE & DE


Vlug Menswear, Haltestraat 2,
2042 LM Zandvoort
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