Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

Zandvoort Nudist Beach

The nudist beach in Zandvoort is the most visited naturist beach in the Netherlands, because of the nice atmosphere and the wide, spacious beach. It is a quiet place where you can enjoy the sun in peace. The nudist beach in Zandvoort has 5 beach pavilions for you to get something to eat or drink.

You will find the nudist beach in Zandvoort between beach pole 68 and 71. The nudist beach can be reached by walking across the clothed beach or through the dunes. If you park your car on the most southern tip of the boulevard, a walk of around ten minutes across the clothed beach gets you to the nudist beach. The train station is a 30 minutes' walk away.

The Zandvoort nudist beach is a great place to swim in the sea. Note, however, that the area from beach pole 69 to beach pavilion Aruzzo has been an official kite surfing spot since 2011, where swimming is not allowed. But don't worry, the beach is 3000 meters long, so there is plenty of space left!