Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

Winter walks by the sea

Nothing clears the head like a walk by the sea. Zandvoort may be famous as a summer beach destination, but the 9 kilometer long beach in Zandvoort is also perfect for walks outside of the summer season. The sea air, the white crests of the waves, the stunning cloudy skies and the often almost empty beach are very relaxing. It is proven that visiting the coast is good for your health and that your body and mind benefit from the fresh salty air.

After your bracing walk, you're welcome in over 30 beach pavilions for a hot chocolate, a tasty glass of wine or a summery drink. And even in autumn and winter you have a place to go in Zandvoort, because five of these pavilions remain open all year round. And all of the pavilions have a great kitchen, so why not stay for a delicious lunch or a mouthwatering dinner.

Between October 1st and April 15th, you can take your dog along to the beach. Let your pet off the leash and chase a ball in the surf while you take a long walk. Would you rather ride your bike? You can clear your head in Zandvoort very effectively on a bicycle as well! Head into the refreshing wind for a ride along the coast or through the dunes. And your reward comes at the end, when you’re pushed back home by the wind in your back!

And what if it turns out your coat wasn't warm enough during your walk? Head to the great clothing shops ,in Zandvoort center, where they sell the most beautiful (and warmest) coats. And after such a lovely day on the beach, you really don't want to go home. There is be nothing better after a long walk by the sea than a delicious dinner with a glass of wine, or two, if you can head straight to bed afterwards. So why not stay the night, Zandvoort has a large variety of beds, from cool cottages to charming B&B's.