Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

Go find the bunkers

The Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes, on the outskirts of Zandvoort, are home to numerous World War II bunkers. On the way to these bunkers, you will discover the varied landscape of this dune area, which has a unique collection of animals and plants. The guide not only tells you everything about these concrete colossi, he also knows where you are most likely to spot deer and foxes, for example. Fun and educational!

- Can be booked on any day and time provided a guide is available.

- Minimum 15 and maximum 25 people per guide.

- The cost per person is €8.50 excluding entrance fees (€1.50 p.p.).

- Please note that you will be going off the paths during the walk.

- The walk is not suitable for people with walking difficulties.

- Dogs are not allowed in the Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen.

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Zandvoortselaan 130
2042 XC Zandvoort
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