Top 10 Beachclubs

A city beach sounds very nice, but of course nothing beats relaxing at a beach club with a view of the vast sea. From luxurious lounging with tapas to old-fashioned squabbling on a cozy terrace, each pavilion has its own charm and appearance. With over 30 beach clubs on the textile beach and 5 pavilions on the nudist beach, there is plenty to choose from.

Experience the Cuban atmosphere in one of the beach pavilions with palms and delicious mojitos. At another beach pavilion you get the feeling that you are on a safari trip in a jungle-like environment. Do you ever want to go to Australia? The appearance of one of the pavilions in Zandvoort is based on the Australian Outback, mixed with the bustling of Bondi Beach. For example, eat a real Kangaroo steak here and enjoy a laid-back atmosphere. And this is just a small selection of the experiences that the beach pavilions in Zandvoort have in store for you!

We have made a small selection in random order for you.

More Beach Clubs?

In addition to these 10 pavilions, there are more than 20 beach pavilions on the Zandvoort beach. Take a look and choose your favorite!

Tijn Akersloot - Boulevard Paulus Loot 1

Where most of the pavilions are allowed from February to November, you can go to Tijn all year round. The homely hip and casual atmosphere makes the pavilion very accessible, so order your drink and enjoy the beautiful view.

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Fosfor - Zuidstrand 7

Hidden on the south beach of Zandvoort and located on the beautiful Waterleidingduinen, Fosfor is a gem to step out of the daily hectic. Not only the location on the (nude) beach exudes relaxation; the atmosphere in the pavilion is wonderfully relaxed and relaxed.

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Tent 6 - Boulevard Paulus Loot 6

An intimate beach tent with wood-burning stoves, vintage furniture, lots of plants, cheerful cushions and a terrace directly on the beach. The Mediterranean-oriented menu consists mainly of local, healthy and daily fresh products.

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Far Out - Boulevard Paulus Loot 7

Relax on a beach bed or relax on one of the terraces. Beach club Far Out is a bit of Ibiza in Zandvoort. Get away from the crowds and do nothing more than enjoy.

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Ubuntu Beach - Boulevard Paulus loot 1

The atmosphere at this Ubuntu is inspired by Bali and Ibiza. A terrace with old school chairs, wooden benches, a few sun loungers and the swing as an eye catcher. With a sea view of course. Great food and regularly on Friday Friday Braaiday: a bbq with live music to celebrate the weekend. Life is better at the beach!

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Hippie Fish - Boulevard Paulus Loot 3

A relaxed beach pavilion from the same owners as Ubuntu Beach with a fantastic interior full of greenery and natural materials. From cozy tables to delicious rattan seats. On the large terrace there are various seating areas and relaxation areas, but you can also 'dine' in the sand. So Slow down & stay a while.

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Mango's Beach Bar - Boulevard de Favauge 15

Mango's Beach Bar has a unique character and is the only beach pavilion in Zandvoort where you can find Cuban influences. It is a Spanish village with various pavilions. Everywhere are olive and palm trees, wonderful lounge chairs and there is a casual latino-like atmosphere where every detail has been thought of!

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Plazand - Boulevard de Favauge 17

Beach club Plazand is a 2-minute walk from the train station: a wonderful place to relax with a nice glass of wine on the beach, to meet with colleagues at the surf or to barbecue with friends until the late hours on the terrace.

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Bernie's Beach Club - Boulevard Barnaart 65

With its own parking area and two private swimming pools surrounded by luxury sun beds, Bernie's Beach Club is a one-of-a-kind beach pavilion that would not be out of place on the Cote d'Azur.

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Thalassa - Boulevard Barnaart 18

Fish lovers cannot ignore Thalassa, because Thalassa is the specialized fish restaurant on the beach. Throughout the year (Thalassa is a year-round beach pavilion) you can choose from the most beautiful fresh fish with a wonderful view of the sea.

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