Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

Mike, 31, entrepreneur Zandvoort - Personal Trainer

I have always lived in Zandvoort. I immediately feel at home when I drive through the dunes onto the boulevard and see the sea. My parents, grandpa & grandma and the generations before them, are also from Zandvoort. In autumn, I like to go shrimp fishing with the fishing net my grandfather's father still made by hand. Peeling and eating shrimps together with the family: a nice tradition!

I give personal training on location with my bakwagen: a private gym on wheels. I then stand on the boulevard, along the dunes, on the beach or in people's own gardens: there are no nicer training locations. The people in Zandvoort are always in a holiday mood, which makes it fun to work out, with lots of contact.

My favourite spot in Zandvoort is at sea. I regularly grab my sup and head out to sea. All the noise of the beach guests falls away at sea, even on the busiest days. You see the beach pavilions and hotels, but very small. Wonderfully quiet!

"My favourite spot in Zandvoort is at sea"

My Zandvoort tips

Go supping at sea! Just make sure you can get back. With certain currents, it's quite a lot of paddling back. I would also recommend everyone to walk through the water supply dunes. You will see many deer and with children it is fun to crawl into the bunkers.