Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

Jesse - 20 years old, visitor Zandvoort - student

There is so much to do in Zandvoort: it's a big playground for me! I live nearby and come to Zandvoort a lot, especially to kitesurf. I enjoy all the sports in the village, the beach is cosy and the food is delicious everywhere. The beach is my favourite place, especially at the Watersports Association or at Tijn Akersloot. When the wind is favourable, I can be found there kiting. Three years ago, I learned to kitesurf on holiday. I now have all my own kitesurfing equipment. Kitesurfing is cool to do. Especially because I can jump high, then it's like flying for a moment!

"De Kaashoek Zandvoort, for the most delicious after-kite sandwich"

My Zandvoort tips

My tip in Zandvoort, with spot number one, is De Kaashoek Zandvoort. This is a fantastic sandwich shop in Haltestraat, where you can get the most delicious after-kite sandwich. And another tip: take surf lessons on the beach, you can do that at several places in Zandvoort.