Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

Hilly - 65 years old, Zandvoort resident - Artist

Living in Zandvoort gives me a sense of freedom. Being able to breathe. Salt water does a person good, the proximity of the sea is healing. I don't even have to go to the beach every day. As long as the sea is near, it's good. That feeling of sand between your toes: wonderful!

The place I love most in Zandvoort is my studio. This is where I play my favourite music and work on my artworks. I am a creative entrepreneur and in all the hectic pace of life, this is my place of rest.

"Beautiful art in nature"

My Zandvoort tips

Cycle through the dunes from Zuid, towards Noordwijk. At the entrance to the nature reserve, you will find a large wooden artwork "ZOET ZOUT", which fits perfectly here in our nature reserve. Next, when you take the dune crossing at Fosfor, there is a beautiful work of art by Paul Jansen. And there is yet another good reason to brave the dunes through the loose sand. The view is breathtaking: 360-degree nature all around you.