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MTB Zandvoort

Every season is the right season to get together with your friends or colleagues and explore Zandvoort's mountain bike track. Why not have a really original birthday party? Everyone aged 12 and older can join in, the MTB course in Zandvoort is suited to both experienced riders and beginners. But don't forget to book a guide!

More than 15 years ago, a challenging mountain bike course was established in the dunes around Zandvoort. It is made up of at least 6 kilometers of single tracks and almost 140 altitude meters. So if you're looking for short, tricky hills with fun descents, bridges and sharp (elevated) curves, this is the track for you! That's why the course is highly regarded.

The Dune Bikers is a group of enthusiastic ATB riders from Zandvoort which now consists of around 20 people, from young riders to gentlemen of a certain age. They maintain the track. Riding anywhere else but on the track is prohibited, including on the grounds of the racetrack and on the beach. The Zandvoort ATB course is not a public area and is surrounded by nature reserves.

You'll find the start of the track next to the skid control school, on the large car park (Rob Slotemakerstraat). After entering the car park, turn right onto the MTB track in front of the little tunnel at the back, on the left-hand side. Use of the track is completely at your own risk and wearing a helmet is mandatory. Helmets, like mountain bikes, can be rented at several rental shops in Zandvoort. Please read and follow the code of conduct, bring enough to drink and a charged mobile phone, and you're ready to hit the track.

Are you with a group and are you new to MTB, or do you have beginners in your group? In that case, Mountain biking in Zandvoort (MTBiZ) advises riders to always book a guide. There are many different options for a ride with an instructor or guide, they are happy to help. MTBiZ promotes the MTB sport and sustainable and friendly recreational activities around the racetrack, Zandvoort and the town center. They are also the people to see when you want to book an MTB package.