Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam


Zandvoort is the perfect location for conferences and meetings. It may not be the first place that springs to people’s mind when they think of conferences and meetings; but then they do not know about the fabulous facilities available. Zandvoort may well be synonymous with sun, sea, sand, fun, action and relaxation, but this list would not be complete without conferences and meetings.

But why? The answer is that Zandvoort offers a huge range of possibilities for combining business with exciting, unusual and unique indoor and outdoor activities. We know from past experience that variety of this kind will help you achieve your business objectives. Team-building, for example, has far greater impact when actively put into practice on the same day.

Check out our website for the numerous sporting activities that can help make your conferences and meetings in Zandvoort a real success.

Conference and meeting locations

Conferences and meetings in Zandvoort enjoy a real boost if held in a beach club. Who would expect it to be possible to organise a conference or meeting at such a location? And yet all the conference and meeting facilities offered by traditional locations are also available in the beach clubs of Zandvoort, for example Wifi, computer links, overhead projectors, videos, printers and caterings, to name but a view – on top of which conference participants can take a stroll on the beach to blow away the cobwebs, between the various sessions. On the other hand, Zandvoort also offers a range of other fabulous conference and meeting locations. Did you know that Zandvoort also has a Center Parcs holiday park? And did you know that the park also features a Business Centre - with four meeting rooms and four boardrooms with every conceivable modern facility, in daylight – specially equipped for conferences and meetings? Center Parcs will of course also arrange your lunches, dinners and after-conference drinks. The advantage of this choice is that if arranging a multiday meeting, overnight accommodation is available at the park in a villa and/or hotel apartment. These locations may be options for your meeting or conference, but please remember to check out the rest of this page where you will find many more fabulous locations for conferences and meetings.

Dotting the i’s

If you are looking to combine your conferences and meetings with activity programmes, Zandvoort is the ideal recreational location. Your own contact person at the location will be happy to contribute ideas on organising your conferences and meetings, and will help you to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. There are so many arrangements on offer, no matter how many conference and meeting visitors you expect to receive. Nothing is impossible in Zandvoort. By opting for a unique location, you will automatically be opting for carefree, enjoyable and above all well catered-for conferences and meetings in Zandvoort.

Feel like Business? = Feel like Zandvoort!